Rawa Appe (quick breakfast recipe made of semolina)

Rawa Appe

Rawa Appe

Appe is a South Indian snack made of mixed pulses and rice(they are soaked,grinded together and allowed to ferment ) cooked in Appe moulds (Appapatra). Rawa Appe  is the variation of traditional appe as it is made of semolina and is instant to prepare.


Semolina/rawa/sooji  3 cups/500gms

Curd 2 cup

Onion 2 chopped

Tomatoes 2 chopped

Eno fruit salt (regular flavour) 1&1/2 tsp

Salt 2 tsp

Green chillies 2

Ginger 1 inch piece

Cumin seeds 1 tsp

Curry leaves 8-10

Coriander leaves (chopped)1 tablespoon

Mustard seeds 1 tablespoon

Water   1 and1/2 cup

Oil 3-4 tablespoon


In a large mixing bowl, add curd and water to semolina.Mix gently and keep aside.

Grind together green chillies ,ginger,curry leaves & cumin seeds.Add this to the semolina mixture.

Now add chopped onion ,tomato and coriander leaves.Add salt and mix well.

Allow this mixture to stand for an hour.Add more water if required (it should be similar to consistency of idli batter).

Add fruit salt to the mixture and mix gently.

Heat the Non stick Appapatra on medium flame.

Add 1/3rd teaspoon oil in each mould.When heated add mustard seeds (for tempering).

Now add a tablespoon of appe mixture in each mould.Cover the Appapatra with a lid & cook for 2-3 minutes(till it becomes golden brown)

Now with the help of a spoon/knife change the position of appe upside down.Cook for two minutes.

Remove and repeat the procedure for the remaining batter.

Serve hot with Coriander chutney,Tomato ketchup or groundnut chutney.

Serves 6

Ground nut chutney


1/2 cup curd

100 gms ground nut (roasted & grinded)

Roasted Cumin seeds powder

Green chilli 1

Sugar 1 tsp (optional)

Mustard seeds for tempering

Oil 1 tsp

Salt to taste


Blend groundnut powder and curd using a hand blender.Add chopped green chillies cumin powder,salt and sugar.Heat oil ,add mustard seeds and pour this tempering over the chutney mixture.

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14 Responses to Rawa Appe (quick breakfast recipe made of semolina)

  1. shirish says:

    very nice recipe

  2. Sonali Hirulkar says:

    Very simple steps written. Thank you.

  3. Kalyani says:

    Very nice.Thank u….

  4. sapna says:

    Is its necessary to cover with lid

  5. poonam bisen says:

    Easy simple steps to understand n prepare

  6. Tanzeela Inamdar says:

    So much nice appe recipe I liked it……….Even I tried to make same as shown and really it are so so so……delicious😊👌👍

  7. Tanzeela Inamdar says:

    So nice and delicious appea they r even instant making…..

  8. Ms neha says:

    Its awesome

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