Beet Root Power Punch

The beautiful ruby coloured beet is a powerhouse of nutrition. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants & fibre; not to mention the abundance of vitamins & minerals. It is low in calories, has only small amount of fat & zero cholesterol.

  • Being rich in soluble fibre, beet roots have cholesterol lowering properties. The carotenoids & flavonoids prevent the bad/LDL cholesterol from getting oxidised & deposited in arteries
  • Beta cyanine in beetroot helps to eliminate toxins & prevent fatty build up in liver. Thus beet root is a super food to detoxify our liver.
  • Beet root also helps cleanse our kidneys & gall bladder. Being rich in alkaline elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium & iron), it helps in combating acidosis & aids the natural process of elimination.
  • Glycine betaine, a phytochemical compound in beet root lowers the homocysteine levels in blood. A higher level of Homocysteine results in platelet clot formation as well as atherosclerotic plaque formation which may result in coronary heart disease, stroke & peripheral vascular disease.
  • Further, betaine also enhances the production of serotonin which is a natural mood lifter.Thus beetroot also makes us cheerful.
  • Beet root is an excellent source of folates which may prevent neural tube defects in the foetus.
  • Beet roots are rich in B group vitamins ( B3, B5 & B6) & minerals like Iron, mangenese , copper & magnesium. Power packed with Iron it is an excellent pick-me-up vegetable for expectant mothers. It is also rich in potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure. Beet root has a fair amount of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that protects our cells from free radical damage & also facilitates the absorption of iron.
  • Beet root contains the mineral silica, which helps our body to utilize calcium, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Beet root is also beneficial for the skin, and has been used for the treatment of boils, inflammation, pimples & dandruff.
  • Beet colour pigments have been shown to fight cancer cells.
  • Beet for diabetes The high carbohydrate content of beet root makes it a medium to high Glycemic index food, and thus, to be used with caution by people suffering from diabetes. However, diabetics can occasionally have beets, the amount of it being consumed needs to be monitored depending upon the blood sugar levels. Beet root containing juices should be avoided by diabetics as these may directly add glucose to  their blood.
  • Beet Root Juice expands blood vessels, reduces blood pressure & promotes blood flow to the body
    1. According to a research , Beet root juice helps to keep a tab on Blood Pressure as well the associated risk of heart attack & stroke. This is attributed to the nitrate content of the beet root.
    2. Another research suggests that, the nitrate content of the beet root (which converts into nitrites in body) improves blood & oxygen supply to the brain (& other body parts) in older adults, thereby combating the progression of dementia (loss of memory) & improving brain functioning.
    3. In another research it was studied that Beet root juice helps one to be active & energetic by improving the exercising capacity of a person by 16%. It also helps elderly and persons with heart & lung disorders to enjoy active lives.

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Beet Root Power Punch 

Beet Root Power Punch

A vegetable juice with high nutritional coefficient is every dietician’s fancy and every dieter’s nightmare….so how about a  concoction which can add a refreshing flavour to the otherwise bland vegetable juice. Beet root power punch is an  one such energy booster drink which can be a healthier substitute to your regular canned juices be it at the breakfast table or after a hectic day at the office.  So no more relying  on packaged health drinks to complete your nutrition (which incidentally also burn a hole in your pocket)  when you can serve fresh juice to your family in a jiffy without any sugar & preservatives!!


Beet root 2

Carrot 1

Tomato 1 (optional)

Amla/indian gooseberries 1

Ginger 1 inch piece

Lemon 1/2 – 1

Mint leaves 15-20

Chilled water 1/2 glass

Ice as required

Salt & chat masala as per taste (for hypertensives omit salt & chat masala or use LoNa salt & Black pepper instead)


Peel & chop beet root, carrot, ginger, amla ( & tomato) into small pieces.

Squeeze lemon juice from lemon.

Mix together chopped vegetables, mint leaves, lemon juice & grind them in a mixer grinder using required amount of chilled water.

Sieve the mixture through a juice strainer.

Add salt, chat masala (& more lemon juice if required) as per taste.

Garnish with any garnishing of your choice (mint leaves, lemon rings beet root cubes etc)

Add ice & serve immediately

Serves 2

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