Foot Long Falafel (An Indianised version of Lebanese Falafel)

Foot Long Falafel

Everytime I ask the kids what they want for brunch on a Sunday afternoon, the answer is the mandatory “something different”. This is one recipe which would surely fit in the elusive”something different ” criterion. With the dal fritters, lots of salads and wheat bread, this dish has the ingredients of the usual dal subji and roti, and yet  is deliciously different.


Foot Long Breads 16 nos ( wheat/maida)

For pakoras/fritters

Bengal Gram Dal /Chana Dal 2 cup

Ginger 1 inch piece

Green chillies 2

Red chilli powder 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Soda Bi carb 1/4 tsp

Water as required

Chopped coriander leaves 2 table spoon

Oil for deep frying

For Tomato chutney

Tomatoes 6

Garlic 5-6 cloves

Red chilli powder 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Chopped Coriander leaves 1 Tablespoon

Other Ingredients

Cabbage Onion Capsicum

Cabbage leaves  shredded 1/2

Onions thinly sliced 3

Capsicum 1 chopped

Butter  as required


For Pakoras

Wash and soak Bengal gram dal for 2 hours in required amount of water.

Discard water & grind  into coarse paste using minimum amount of water.

Chana dal paste

Grind together ginger & green chillies & add to bengal gram paste.





Add the remaining spices, coriander & mix well.

Add a tablespoon of hot oil into the mixture & mix well again.





Heat oil in a pan & deep fry pakoras . Keep aside.

Chana dal Pakora






For tomato chutney

Tomato chutney

Wash the tomatoes & cut into small pieces. Grind into paste using a mixer grinder.

Peel garlic & grind into paste in a grinder. Add to tomato paste and mix well.

Add salt, Red chilli powder & chopped coriander to the tomato paste & mix well.

The  tomato chutney is ready. Keep aside.

How to prepare Foot long falafel..

Slice off the upper layer of foot long bread (as shown). Make sure it is thinly sliced (as a flap/cover) & not half ways.



Take the thicker foot long portion and carefully scoop out 3 holes/pockets to create space for 3 pakoras as shown.

Foot long pockets







Apply butter to  the bread ( the flap & the thick bread) and toast lightly in an OTG for 4-5 minutes. Remove the flap in 2-3 minutes as it crisps earlier than the thick bread.





Gently flatten the pakora with your fingers & place three pakora in the thicker portion as shown.





Top with tomato chutney.





Add shredded cabbage, onion & capsicum.

Cover with flap & fix the foot long with help of tooth picks. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining foot longs.

The foot long falafel is ready. Serve immediately with tomato sauce/green chutney.

Serves 8

Recipe courtesy: Mrs Swati Jain

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