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Litti Chokha ( A Traditional Main Course Platter from the State of Bihar, India)

Litti chokha is to Bihar, what Dal Baati churma is to Rajasthan . Litti, the traditional & staple food of Bihar is a variation of baati & is stuffed with sattu, a flour made of roasted bengal gram dal. Being high … Continue reading

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Haldi ki Subji (a traditional Rajasthani Turmeric vegetable)

Haldi /turmeric also known as poor man’s saffron needs no introduction. It is used extensively in the Indian cuisine almost like a mandatory ingredient in vegetables and curries. But  only a few people know that the Haldi powder we use … Continue reading

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Baked Masala Bati

The traditional Daal bati churma platter from Rajasthan is famous for the quantities of ghee that goes in the making of batis, the traditional Rajasthani bread. However, its not just the ghee that lends the flavour to the batis. Here … Continue reading

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Foot Long Falafel (An Indianised version of Lebanese Falafel)

Everytime I ask the kids what they want for brunch on a Sunday afternoon, the answer is the mandatory “something different”. This is one recipe which would surely fit in the elusive”something different ” criterion. With the dal fritters, lots … Continue reading

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Ghiya Garlic Raita (A spicy dip made of Bottle Gourd , Garlic and Yogurt)

Curd or yogurt is an essential accompaniment to a balanced meal. It adds to the protein component of the  vegetarian meal, provides the essential probiotic microflora and enhances the tastefulness of a regular meal. One interesting way to add curds to your … Continue reading

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Beet Root Power Punch

The beautiful ruby coloured beet is a powerhouse of nutrition. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants & fibre; not to mention the abundance of vitamins & minerals. It is low in calories, has only small amount of fat & zero cholesterol. … Continue reading

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Puran Poli – Aamti (A Maharashtrian Sweet Delicacy with Tangy Lentil and Tamarind Soup)

Puran Poli Puran poli (also known as puranachi poli, gud poli, punn poli or holgi, holige or bele obbattu) is a traditional  delicacy popular in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat & Goa. Its rich sweet taste with tangy accompaniments makes it an … Continue reading

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